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chinese-four-pillarsChinese medicine has a different approach to diagnosing patients than you will typically find in a Western medical health care setting. Looking, listening, touching, asking — these important components make up the Chinese four pillars of diagnosis used in acupuncture. The four pillars are also referred to as the four … Read More

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chinese-medicine-vs-western-medicineChinese medicine is a system of health care developed thousands of years ago. Western medicine, while quite ubiquitous in the United States, is a much more recent phenomenon. “The development of medicine in Western nations follows the way of hypothetical deduction and the Eastern approach uses the inductive method,” writes … Read More

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shiatsu massage therapyShiatsu, a form of Oriental therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, incorporates Chinese medicine theory and practice, Japanese massage therapy traditions, and Western physiology and anatomy. Literally translated from the Japanese as “finger pressure,” the practice works to treat a variety of ailments and improve and maintain optimal health. … Read More

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asian-bodyworkPractitioners of Asian bodywork therapies aim to treat the human body, mind and spirit as one. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which views the human body as separate from the mind, Asian bodywork takes a holistic approach. Through pressure or manipulation, the techniques used by practitioners of Asian bodywork modalities help Read More