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traditional-chinese-medicineWood, fire, earth, metal, water — you are no doubt familiar with these elements in a variety of contexts. But did you know that these five substances together make up the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine? Understanding this ancient health tradition requires knowledge of how these five essential substances underpin … Read More

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shiatsu-massage-therapyShiatsu, a form of therapy based upon traditional Chinese medicine principles, promotes health and strengthens the body’s healing abilities. Translated as “finger pressure” from Japanese, Shiatsu works to improve overall health by affecting the internal energy system. Patients seek shiatsu for wellness because the therapy results in increased vitality, energy … Read More

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shiatsu-certification-acupuncture-massage-collegeAre you wondering what kind of massage therapy program will allow you to change careers quickly but also give you an edge in the professional marketplace? You can complete a degree in the field of massage therapy with a Shiatsu certification in just over eight months at Acupuncture & Massage … Read More