Western Science and Acupuncture | Florida Acupuncture School Blog

Posted September 17, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

According to the Evidence-Based Acupuncture, there are four major biochemical hypotheses for explaining the mechanisms for acupuncture. Since modern medicine uses reductionist or purely physical explanations behind it's healing mechanisms, these explanations are all biochemical in nature. … Read More

Navigating the BLS | Massage School Miami

Posted September 04, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

If you’re considering becoming a massage therapist, then you’ve probably also looked into the occupational data for the profession. In the United States, official employment statistics are provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Because several numbers provided by the BLS look good on paper, many massage therapy schools will incorporate statistics into their marketing materials as a means to incite prospective students to enroll in their massage program.  However, even if the source for the statistic is legitimate, the number cited may not give a complete picture. For example, some states may have a lower average wage than the national average, so they will only cite the national average, but not the state average, which would be considered a more relevant number to the prospective student. When reading marketing materials from any massage school, always be sure to double-check the sources that they cite of their information and make sure that they are not intentionally hiding anything.  … Read More

Five Techniques of Swedish Massage - Infographic | Massage School Blog

Posted July 29, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

Over the past several weeks, we have discussed Swedish Massage in great detail on the Acupuncture and Massage College Massage School blog. … Read More

The Ultimate Massage Therapy Career Guide-Part I | Massage School Blog

If you’re reading this, you probably know that being a professional massage therapist is totally awesome and that the only thing standing between you and a 4-hour work day that pays a ton of money is the 9-month long rite of passage known as massage school. But that’s all there is to massage school, right? A small fee, 9-months of sitting in a desk, a little hands-on practice, and there you’re guaranteed a job. Yeah...except the above paragraph is mostly sarcasm, but you obviously knew that already (studying massage therapy will require book smarts). … Read More

Western Massage Modalities and Their Benefits | Massage School Blog

Posted July 15, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

Recently, we did an extensive post on the History of Massage Therapy. In it, we mentioned some of the famous Western massage modalities that you may already be familiar with, such as Deep Tissue and Swedish massage. As an Oriental Medicine college, our articles tend to focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it's related healing modalities, such as Shiatsu Massage. However, our Massage Therapy program extensively covers many Western massage modalities and as such, we wanted to do a follow up to the history article that shows the significance of Western modalities. … Read More

Should You Study Oriental Medicine? | Acupuncture School Blog

Posted July 01, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

In recent years, holistic practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have grown in popularity. In fact, many of the leading university hospital systems in the US now employ full-time acupuncturists. For example, Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Center offers acupuncture, acupressure massage, mindfulness meditation, and other holistic treatments in coordination with other conventional medical treatments. … Read More

Western Science and Acupuncture |  Acupuncture School Blog

Acupuncture has been around for over 2,000 years. As such, acupuncture schools will often teach the mechanisms behind acupuncture's effectiveness from a Traditional Chinese Medical point of view. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), health is determined by the proper flow of qi or non-physical life force in the body. Illness arises when the body’s qi is stopped from performing its cardinal functions, which includes the nutrient conversion, temperature regulation, and defense against foreign pathogens. … Read More

Understanding the Acupuncture Meridian Model | Acupuncture School Blog

Posted June 05, 2018 by Acupuncture & Massage College

They teach what?! at acupuncture school: Yin-yang, Wu-Xing, and Qi. If you’ve ever received an acupuncture treatment, then you may have seen a particular poster or anatomical model of the human body somewhere in the acupuncturist’s office. What is this model and how is this different than anatomical models you studied in biology class? The model you saw is a representation of the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) view of the body. … Read More

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