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How Much Does Massage Therapy School Cost?

How much does massage therapy school cost? It's a practical question and you need to know the answer before you enter a program. Making an investment in your future is also often a financial investment and knowledge of the nitty gritty details helps prepare you for the realities. If you're seeking massage therapy certification as your next career move, check out these details. … Read More

¿Puedo Obtener Ayuda Económica para el Estudio de Terapia de Masaje?

Posted May 04, 2017 by Christy Wood, Financial Aid Director & filed under Education & Research

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Education Concerns & Massage Therapy School Costs

Posted January 19, 2017 by Christy Wood, Financial Aid Director & filed under Careers, Education & Research, Massage

Most Americans believe that students should finish college with job skills and that institutions of higher learning should be helping to prepare graduates for the workforce, according to annual national survey results released by Public Agenda and the National Center on Public Policy and Higher Education. … Read More

How Much Does Massage School Cost?

A career in massage therapy is great for many reasons: You get to help people feel better – almost instantly. You can have a flexible schedule, and in many situations, you can even be your own boss. Moreover, you can have huge earning power starting right away. Massage therapists have a median salary of $37,180 per year. And some can make up to $75,390 annually … Read More

Can I Get Financial Aid for Massage School?

Posted September 15, 2015 by Christy Wood, Financial Aid Director & filed under Education & Research

When considering any post secondary education the first question people often have to ask themselves is "how on earth am I going to pay for this". It's not news that the cost of education in America is rising, but so are the financial rewards you'll receive in the years after you get your degree. In order to combat this barrier to entry for many potential students, the government provides assistance called Federal Student Aid, usually just called Financial Aid. Financial Aid has helped millions of students afford school and is a great opportunity for people without the means to pay for school on their own to get an education. … Read More

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