Massage Therapy Career Satisfaction Survey

The massage therapy industry is booming and many licensed massage therapists (LMTs) are enjoying the freedom to work where and when they want, and massage therapy students are enjoying job prospects like never before. 

However, does this mean that massage therapists are satisfied with their careers? This is what Massage Tables Now set out to uncover by surveying 1,197 professional massage therapists in the United States and Canada, to gain insights about their overall career satisfaction.

While there is a ton of research studies that analyze massage therapy from a medical perspective, there are very few studies that examine massage therapy from a career and professional perspective.


For example, do massage therapists feel fulfilled with their work? What opportunities do they have in the job market?

Here are the key findings from the survey:

  • Job Satisfaction: Massage Therapists have a high job satisfaction rate. Of the 1,197 massage therapists surveyed, 88% report being either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their careers.
  • Hiring Ease: Massage Therapists have short-hiring timelines after earning their license; 62% reported that they were able to find employment in the field in less than a month.
  • Massage School Satisfaction: Massage Therapists are largely satisfied with their educational experience; 78% either “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that their massage therapy program prepared them well for their careers.

Are Massage Therapists Satisfied with Their Careers?

According to the survey, an overwhelming majority of massage therapists reported that they were satisfied with their careers. Of the 1,197 massage therapists surveyed, 52% reported being "very satisfied" with their career, and another 36% reported being "satisfied." That's a job satisfaction rate of 88%!

Of the remaining massage therapists surveyed, 7% reported being "neither satisfied nor dissatisfied." Meanwhile, 5% reported being “dissatisfied,” and only a tiny 1% of massage therapists reported being “very dissatisfied” with their career.


By comparison, a 2018 survey published by The Conference Board reported that only 51% of employees in the US were satisfied with their careers.

The results suggest that professional massage therapists have a significantly higher job satisfaction rate than the average American.

Is Massage Therapy is a Fulfilling Profession?

Massage Therapists treat a variety of patients with different ailments, such as chronic pain and general anxiety. And so, we wanted to know how massage therapists felt about the impact of their work.

Unsurprisingly, a whopping 98.7% of the massage therapists surveyed believed that their work makes a positive difference in the lives of other people!


In a largely digital world, where many workers feel disconnected from the final result of their work, massage therapists can see the tangible results of their therapeutic work.

Massage Therapy School Satisfaction

Is Massage Therapy School Worth the Cost?

Considering massage therapy school? The good news is tuition is considerably less expensive than a traditional four-year program.

According to a recent article by US News and World Report, the average cost of college in the United States is $9,716 per year for in-state students at public universities and $21,629 for out-of-state students. At private colleges, the average tuition is $35, 676 per year.

Assuming 4-years of study, that’s a minimum of $38,864 for a four-year degree!

Compare the cost to Acupuncture and Massage College's massage therapy program tuition of $9,850 and can see why going to massage therapy school is a great investment.

How Quickly do new Massage Therapists get Hired?

We were interested in learning how quickly massage therapists were able to find employment following graduation and licensing.

According to the data from the survey, massage therapists don’t struggle to find work the way many individuals with liberal arts degrees do. The massage therapy industry is full of opportunities.


The overwhelming majority of massage therapists reported that they had no trouble finding work after earning their license.

Of the 1,197 massage therapists surveyed, 57% reported that they "strongly agreed" that they were able to easily a job in the field after becoming licensed, while another 29% "agreed" with the statement.

By comparison, only a combined 6% of massage therapists surveyed said that they either “disagreed” or “strongly disagreed” about being able to easily find a job after licensing.

How Long Did it Take to Find a Job After Licensing?

We also wanted to know how long it took massage therapists to find a job after getting licensed.


According to the survey, 62% of massage therapists were offered a job in less than a month of getting licensed. Another 22% responded that it took approximately a full month to receive a job offer, while only 5% responded that it took 2 months. As such, the data suggests that 89% of Massage Therapists were offered jobs within 2 months or less of getting hired.

Ready to Become a Massage Therapist?

The data is clear: massage therapy is a booming industry with a strong labor market!

Now is the time to begin this great career. Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, Florida offers an 8.5-month massage therapy program that will give you the skills to succeed as a professional massage therapist.

If you're in the area, visit us at 10506 North Kendall Drive, Miami, Florida 33176, or give us a call at (305)595-9500. Also, be sure to download our free massage therapy career guide below.

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