Five Great Massage Therapy Jobs

5-great-massage-therapy-jobs.jpgAs the important role that massage therapy can play in health and wellness becomes increasingly known among the general public, more job options exist for those in the field. This means that aspiring massage therapists have a choice among many environments in which to work.

Whether you are getting close to finishing your training, or are considering a career in massage therapy, check out five great massage therapy jobs that are available to you once you earn a massage degree.

1. Medical facilities and hospitals

Massage is becoming not only more accepted by mainstream medical practitioners, but also having more of a presence in traditional medical facilities and hospitals. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 7 percent of people who received a massage did so at a hospital, medical office or clinic. That number is sure to grow, as research continues to provide evidence of the benefit of massage in helping with medical conditions. Massage helps suffers of chronic pain, PTSD, post-operative pain, cancer symptoms and more.

2. Spas, resorts and cruise ships

For many people massage is synonymous with relaxation — that means there's plenty of employment for therapists who wish to work in the beauty or vacation industries. The AMTA's most recent statistics show that 28 percent of people over a year period received a massage for relaxation or stress reduction. If you have passion for travel, cruise ships are an exciting avenue to pursue for massage therapy jobs.

3. Sports and athletic franchises

As in mainstream medicine, the benefits of massage for athletes are becoming more well understood in the sports community. Massage therapy jobs exist not only in athletic clubs, but with sports franchises and other athletic centers. If you're an athlete or a big sports fan, this type of environment might appeal to you — you could even be traveling with a team!

4. Holistic health and wellness centers

Another appealing option for massage therapy jobs is working at a clinic or center that offers multiple modalities of holistic health to its clients. If you're passionate about holistic health in general and enjoy the idea of working with others who practice other techniques — such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, reiki and more— this options could make a great fit for you. One benefit is that you could receive referrals from the practitioners you work with.

5. Solo practices and self employment

As a sole practitioner or self-employed therapist, you could run your own massage studio or take your services on the go! Many companies offer massage programs for their employees, and taking a portable massage chair to markets, events and festivals can be a component of a profitable business. Some therapists are even running mobile businesses out of trucks! According to the AMTA, 45 percent of therapists work in clients' homes and 37 percent in their own clinic.

Many people find running their own businesses extremely satisfying — if you love holistic health, have an entrepreneurial streak and really want to control your own professional destiny, massage could be a great fit!

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