Holistic Health Careers: Massage Therapist Options

massage therapyImagine the possibilities: Get a job in a spa, a hospital or in a corporate setting. Or maybe even start your own private practice. If you're looking at making a change and diving into the field of holistic health careers, massage is an exciting option with lots of flexibility.

Focusing on massage for relaxation

The professional path you end up taking and the setting in which you work will determine what type of massage therapy you do. Spa massage therapy typically focuses on treatments that promote relaxation and reduce stress. These job opportunities can be found not only in traditional spas, but also on cruise ships, in hotels and in resorts.

Practicing massage therapy in a corporate setting also offers job opportunities — you could work onsite at a company, or at events and conventions. Employee massage programs have become more popular in recent years, creating opportunities for therapists. Pepsi, United Airlines, AT&T and Reebok are some of the many corporations that have instituted massage programs for their workers.

Practicing medical massage therapy

Trained therapists also find jobs in a variety of medical settings, include physical therapy practices, doctors' and chiropractors' offices, clinics and hospitals. Another exciting job opportunity is in sports massage, an area of the field that's growing. In this niche, a therapist might find jobs at sports medicine clinics, health clubs, sports franchises or colleges.

Finding the right fit

The best work setting for a massage professional depends on the individual. You may end up trying different environments before you find the one most suitable one. You can also combine different options to keep things interesting — such as working some days in a corporate setting and others at doctor's office.

Fortunately, massage can also be practiced almost anywhere! Whether you prefer an urban setting like New York, Chicago or San Francisco or sunny communities with lots of resorts and medical facilities like Arizona or Florida, massage jobs await you. You can even work at sea — on a cruise ship, that is! Some therapists even use their credentials to find work abroad.

Responding to growing demand

The number of people seeking massages has nearly tripled over the last decade as people seek treatment for medical issues, as well as relaxation. The spa industry is booming, making it one of the big employers of massage therapists. It's a great time to pursue holistic health careers, particularly massage.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that massage therapy will grow at a faster pace than average industries, making it a great field to get into for anyone looking to start or change careers. It's also a flexible professional path. In addition to choosing from different work settings and locations, therapists can also choose how they prefer to be employed — as independent contractors, salaried or commissioned employees, or self-employed practitioners.

Pursuing a health-focused career

Massage therapy jobs also provide therapists opportunities to express positive values about well-being and caring towards their clients. The massage therapy field is undergoing rapid change due to the public's increased interest in forms of holistic health. Wouldn't it be great to go to work every day and help people?

These changes have brought about increased job specialization opportunities for massage therapists, who may now focus of helping a specific type of clientele, such as athletes, office workers, seniors, or hospital patients with illnesses or injuries.

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