Massage for Wellness is Needed Everywhere: Top 6 Places to Work

Posted April 26, 2016 by Anton Rivera, B.A. & filed under Careers, Massage

Massage for Wellness CareersAn increased focus on health and well-being is powering the trend toward wellness. In line with this, the number of places people can get a massage for wellness is increasing as well.

This is good news for massage therapists who already enjoy a wealth of benefits: Flexibility, freedom, and the ability to help and heal others. Now, with the growing demand for massage for wellness, massage therapists get another perk: The choice of many different work settings and environments.

These are the six most popular massage therapy centers where trained and certified massage therapists are providing massage for wellness.

At home or at clients’ homes.

With the proper space, equipment, and supplies, massage therapy can be performed anywhere, including in your home. Many “freelance” therapists like the convenience and ease of this option. They also like the professional independence of being their own boss, making their own schedule, or moving to any location at will.

Others like to give clients the option to have massages in their own homes, which can be a big selling point for the therapists’ business.

At a practice.

Massage for wellness can also be performed at a traditional massage practice or holistic health center. Therapists practice with fellow massage therapists, or partner with other specialists who provide different services and treatments. Many therapists enjoy the collaboration and the business and marketing benefits of having a bricks-and-mortar facility. Another perk: Sometimes knowing and working with other massage therapists can be a way to get free massages yourself.

Hotels, spas, and fitness centers. T

o stay competitive as the nation continues to be more health and fitness conscious, more and more hotels, spas, and fitness centers are offering massage therapy to their guests and clients. People at resorts enjoy the pampering of massages, and people at gyms appreciate massages after tough workouts or as they recover from injuries. This growing demand has opened up a new work setting for thousands of massage therapists.

On job sites.

As people and businesses are becoming more aware of the need for improved health and balance, many companies are developing “wellness” programs for their employees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that such wellness programs can help attract new candidates, enhance productivity, and improve the health and morale of staff. Many of these programs include massage therapy, which gives massage therapists an opportunity to work directly in the business world, for small companies or large corporations.

Medical facilities.

Massage therapists can also work at medical facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Here, they can collaborate with other healers and integrate massage therapy with other treatment plans. This setting is becoming more common as massage therapy is increasingly recognized as a health care modality.

Cruise ships.

A place people definitely like to relax, restore, and feel their best is on vacation. This means cruise ships are popular settings for massage therapy. Ship-board massage therapists enjoy independence, flexibility, and the ability to travel and see the world. They also have high earning potential and no overhead.

To learn more about launching a career in massage therapy and beginning to work in one of these exciting settings, download our free ebook, Five Steps to Finding Focus, Flexibility, and Fulfillment.

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