5 Signs It's Time for a New Career

Posted February 09, 2016 by Morena McNally, Career Services Director & filed under Careers

time for a career changeCareer changes are not uncommon. Many people reach a point in their lives when they’re ready for a new environment and new opportunities. Sometimes it’s a result of changes that have happened to them personally, and sometimes it’s the result of external factors that affect their lives. Either way, thousands of people every year discover it's time for a new career. Here are five signs you should join them.

  1. You’re not happy at your current job. We see this many times at AMC. People experience lack of respect, fulfillment, or opportunity for advancement. They feel dissatisfied with their current tasks and responsibilities, and sometimes with their entire vocation. At the end of each day, they feel irritable and uninspired, and often dread the next day.
  2. You look at the help-wanted ads. Another tell-tale sign people are ready to change careers is their browsing activity. Instead of catching up with friends online or pursuing new interests, they find themselves on career sites or job boards. They do Internet searches on available jobs, in and out of their current field. They seek something that will strike them – and often they are not sure what that “something” is.
  3. You reminisce about the passion you used to have. People considering career changes may remember childhood aspirations, or earlier jobs where they felt invigorated to go to work each day. They think back about the excitement they used to have about learning new things, completing a task, or ending each day knowing they made a difference. They remember how things used to be, and dream about recapturing that passion.
  4. You complain about your current employer. People who are unhappy in their current job may try to be objective, and not badmouth. But they are unsatisfied or resentful about a current position, company, or management style, and they often need to vent just to cope with the situation. Their complaining becomes more frequent or pervasive to the point it’s noticed by themselves or their friends and family.
  5. You contemplate going back to school. Many times people become disillusioned with the field they’ve always been in. Often, they find new opportunities that didn’t exist at the time they originally went to school. The prospect of a new career, and learning something for an entirely new profession is intriguing and inspiring.

If you’re experiencing these signs, you are not alone.

Many students at AMC enroll in programs to become holistic health professionals because they too had these feelings. We see the desire to change in people in all situations: Older workers looking for a new sense of purpose, single parents looking for solid employment, and individuals starting a new life in a new country. For the five reasons listed here and more, people seek new careers and find a pathway to success at AMC.

To learn more about making a career change, download our free ebook on how to do it in just four steps.

Four Steps to Changing Career Paths

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