10 Signs You Should Invest In Switching Careers

switching careersDo you dream of switching careers? No matter what your reason, you're in good company. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that over one in five workers were determined to find a new job this year, even if they had employment. Reasons for wanting a new job vary, but some common signs indicate you should probably seriously explore not just a new job, but a new career path. Consider investing in switching careers if you:

1. Feel inadequate at your job.

Sometimes you take a job that works at a certain time of life, even though it may not be your passion or what you excel at doing. Maybe you need to pay the bills or found a profession that seemed like it would be a fit at first, but didn't turn out to be a lifelong career. It's not your fault — you just need to find something that better takes advantage of your interests and strengths.

2. Have mastered your current position.

Alternatively, if you feel like there's little room to grow in your current profession, it's time to consider how to make a change. Once you've learned everything there is to learn in certain position, it's time to move on. Pursue a path that offers you a greater opportunity for greater personal growth and advancement.

3. Possess skills and talents that are underused.

If you feel like your current position doesn't take advantage of skills or knowledge you have, you probably experience a sense of restlessness at work. Job satisfaction increases exponentially when your work calls upon your greatest skills and assets. You'll also go further in your career!

4. Picture yourself taking on a new professional challenge.

Do you find yourself hungering for a career path that challenges you to grow? Do you feel like your current position leads to a dead end, personally and professionally? Don't just settle for a job you've fallen into or someone else wanted you to take, but pursue one you've chosen specifically to fit your needs and passions, and keeps you energized and learning all the time, such as one that involves helping others.

5. Want to go back to school.

Some people are happy to leave their school days behind, but others thrive on the experiences and challenges that a structured learning environment offers. If you're one of those people who loves to immerse themselves in new knowledge, consider switching careers by going back to school. Changing professional paths is a great reason and opportunity to jump back into a learning environment, if only for a short period. The Acupuncture and Massage College offers programs you can complete in as little as 8.5 months.

6. Need to increase your income.

Sure, everyone would like to make more money! But if you picture yourself having a family in the future (or already have one!) or dream about achieving other exciting life milestones like homeownership, make sure your career path allows you to steadily improve your earnings over time. Don't settle for less income than your intelligence or skills can earn with the right qualifications, motivation and career opportunities.

7. Long for a different schedule.

If the hours you work don't fit your lifestyle, consider switching careers to one that does. Many professions offer opportunities for part-time or flexible work hours. Some even offer the option of increasing or decreasing the time you spend working as needed over time. There's no reason you should settle for less than a schedule that provides the perfect work-life balance for you.

8. Imagine working in a different environment.

Many careers require that you work in an office. Some involve working with people all the time, while others leave you feeling isolated. Ideally, you should go to work every day in a place that makes you feel energized. Some careers have very specific work environments, while others can be done in a variety of locations. Massage therapists, for example, work in settings as diverse as medical facilities to spas to cruise ships. Find the one that gets you out of bed in the morning and excited to work.

9. Desire job security and a long-term career path.

Your current job may pay the bills, but does it give you a path into the future? Find a career that fits your current and future life plans. Massage, acupuncture and alternative medicine are growing and lucrative professions that hold long-term promise for growth and income.

10. Dream about the perfect work-life balance.
Career in alternative medicine - Spotlight

Career in alternative medicine - Spotlight

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