The Daily Life of a Holistic Health Practitioner

Posted May 30, 2017 by Dr. Daniel Chuanxin Wang, DAOM, A.P. & filed under Holistic Medicine

a-day-in-the-life-of-a-holistic-health-practitioner.jpgIf you're contemplating careers in holistic medicine, you may wonder what your day-to-day professional life might look like. The truth is that there's no one specific formula to the daily life of a holistic health practitioner — and that's the beauty of it! If you thrive on diversity and helping people, holistic health is likely a great choice for you.

1) Anticipate change.

The number one thing to learn about the daily life of a holistic health practitioner is that it will be constantly changing. No two days are likely to be the same working in a field like massage, chiropractic care or Oriental medicine. What your day is like will depend in part on your patients. What conditions do they need treated and what are their health concerns? When do they schedule appointments? How have you structured your own day?

2) Expect to be on your feet.

If sitting behind a desk at a computer all day sounds unappealing, a career as a holistic health offers a different experience. You'll be working in a studio, clinical environment or the like with your clients and patients. Your profession will require some commitment to healthy living on your part — a field like massage or any of the movement therapies can be strenuous and require upper body and core strength, along with stamina.

3) Say: "Bye, bye, 9-to-5."

One of the most stand-out features of holistic health is the flexibility, which many practitioners prize. Your patients will often schedule appointments outside regular business hours, and weekends can be busy. You could have clients in the morning, then a big break in the middle of the day, followed by appointments in the evening hours. That said, many massage therapists and other holistic professionals are sole practitioners — meaning you can decide what schedule works with your needs. Part-time is always an option.

4) Be ready to make a difference.

Many people are increasingly turning to holistic practices and medicine because mainstream medicine fails to address all their health needs. If you thrive on working closely with others and providing empathetic and empowering care for the people you work with every day, becoming a holistic health practitioner could be the perfect next step.

The Acupuncture and Massage College offers programs in Oriental medicine and massage therapy that start multiple times throughout the year. Part-time programs are available. Call (305) 595-9500 for details on how to enroll.


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