3 Flexible Careers in Alternative Medicine

Flexible Careers in Alternative MedicineA big draw for many to this industry is the flexible careers in alternative medicine. Because there are so many different routes one can take in the field, you often get a degree of freedom not afforded to those in other industries. The alternative medicine industry is a great option for people who want to work in a field that promotes health and balance, not just for clients, but also practitioners.

Those in the industry can work for themselves and enjoy great flexibility, setting their own hours and choosing their clients. Many complementary health therapists work part time, allowing them to work around other commitments and enjoy a greater work–life balance.

Most of the practitioners I know love the flexibility and healthier lifestyle which they are now enjoying. For example, we can ask nurses (we had several at AMC) who, after years as a registered nurse have become burnt-out from the pace, which hours they can and prefer to work. In a busy week they probably will see about 30 patients, which is about 30 hours.

They can rearrange their schedule at any time to accommodate other responsibilities as they see fit. Practitioners can opt to join a team in a clinic or work in a health food store or pharmacy, enjoying the benefits of a ready-made clientele and rooms, as well as herbal or homeopathic dispensaries.

AMC has seen an increase in students mixing and matching courses such as manual therapies and fitness, to expand job prospects in the health and wellness sector, which is something we love to see (to see what courses we offer request one of our catalogs)! There are also opportunities for work in hotels, resorts and cruise ships.

Three careers in the industry that offer the most flexibility in terms of hours, locations and control you have over your day to day life are; massage therapist, traditional Oriental medicine practitioner and Indian Ayurvedic medicine practitioner.

These three fields can be customized and tailored to each individual and focus on specialties that you want to do. For example a person practicing traditional Oriental medicine can offer services ranging from herbalism to acupuncture to Tai Chi. The amount of freedom these careers offer sheerly in terms of what area you focus on makes them stand out.

All three of these options offer an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of hours and locations as well. You can be an independent practitioner in all three fields, work part time at a clinic, set up your own clinic or join a clinic at a variety of different locations with different specialties. It's all up to what you want to do and which direction you want to take your career. It really is all in your own hands.

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