Lose Weight With Acupuncture

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Weight gain is one of the most frequent complaints from adults. Combined with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, acupuncture can provide the extra leverage that assists dieters with their weight loss plan. As an adjunct therapy for weight loss, treatment protocol consists of a combination of primarily auricular and selected additional body points that regulate the body’s metabolism and reduce hunger.

Acupuncture releases endorphins that affect the digestive and hormonal systems, rebalancing the organ systems that are running too slow (metabolism). Endorphins lower insulin and lipid levels in the bloodstream and less insulin is converted into body fat.

Auricular acupuncture points from both the TCM and Nogier systems are effective in weight loss. Acupoints on the ear trigger electrical pulses that suppress appetite and minimize overeating. Ear points selected for treatment may include: Zero Point location (curbs appetite and increases metabolism), mouth, stomach, small intestine, endocrine, and Shen Men (eating, digestion, absorption, metabolism, and calming effect). The qi associated with needling these points helps the body to function against weight gain.

Body points selected during the first few sessions may include: Four Gate points (LI 4, Liver 3) for qi circulation, Ren 12, the front collecting point of stomach energy and Stomach 36 to tonify qi and circulate oxygen and blood with an emphasis on the stomach. Additional body points may be included which regulate the metabolic rate.

For the average patient who wants to lose between five to ten pounds, treatments twice weekly until the target weight is reached is optimal, followed by maintenance treatments biweekly for the next few months to attain permanent weight loss. Acupuncture treatments must be given in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet (2000 calories) and increased physical exercise. For more information on acupuncture and weight loss contact Dr. Richard Browne at (305) 595-9500.

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