AMC’s Massage School

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AMC’s Massage School

The AMC was founded in 1983 under the name of the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute. In 1987 the AMC established its first Massage School as part of its diploma programs. As we developed the program for our massage school we ask ourselves a few questions. Our first questions was what courses are now being offer by the existing massage schools, and what new and unique programs we would want to offer in our new massage school.

In 1987 there were approximately 15 massage schools in the state of Florida. Today there are over 50 licensed massages schools in our state. From the time the vocational schools discovers that there was a high demand for the study of massage therapy many many vocations massage schools made the change over to either a Massage Therapy program or the just bought out an existing Massage Schools.

When you decided to check out Massage Schools I am sure you had no idea there were so many massage schools to choose from. Your first question must be which Massage School is best for me. What is it that you are looking for in a Massage School?

My advise to you is to know that not all Massage Schools are for you, there are many Johnny come lately Massage Schools that have pop up to grab for your dollars and there are Massage Schools that have been around for over 20 years that offer Massage Therapy programs with excellent academic and clinical components.

At the AMC our Massage Schools we aim to provide you with an intergration of both eastern and western ideas of Massage Therapy. We want to train people who want to excel in the art and science of Massage Therapy. We are seeking professionally minded people who not only want to be the best but also want to cash in on this fantastic opportunity to get into the American healthcare system.

Our Massage School will provide you with a solid education with instructions in the western biomedical sciences: Anatomy and Physiology, Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Pathology. In addition you will be introduced to three modules of Massage Therapy. With over 120 hours of Japanese Shiatsu. This is our specialty. We offer the Hoshino method of Shiatsu. Hoshino Therapy is a specialized art form that was introduced to the United States by the late Professor Tometzo Hoshino in 1975. At the time he was 73 years old, he past at he age of 95.

You will also get the opportunity to study and practice Swedish massage, which as you will soon realize is the main stay of 99.9% of all other Massage Schools and consequently most Massage Therapist. When you graduate from our Massage School and go out into the business world you will have already developed a specialty technique, which will make you stand out from the crowd.

We will also give you additional instructions in Medical Massage techniques. These three courses in Massage Therapy will enable you to be truly employable. Our graduates are usually an asset to their place of employment. Being able to perform the basic Swedish massage as well as Medical Massage and finally being well rained in Shiatsu will give you an edge over the competition.

Some of the other classes in our Massage Therapy program includes Aromatherapy. Hydrotherapy, Ethics, State Law and Practice Management. Our massage training is conducted at our spacious 7200 square feet facility. Classes are held both day and night so as to be available to those who are early rises and to those who have to continue working while still in school. One of the best features of our Massage School is our modular schedule. Most of our classes are scheduled for a one-month period. That means you will never have to study more than one subject at a time. Isn’t that fantastic. We feel strongly that this is the model for the future in education.

Are you looking for a new and exciting career? Give us a call at 305-595-9500 and ask for Joe Calareso. You can be on your way to a new and profitable future tomorrow.

"Written by Rev. Dr. Richard Browne"

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