Acupuncture for Diabetes

Posted December 05, 2007 by Acupuncture & Massage College & filed under Acupuncture

Acupuncture for diabetes decreases blood sugar levels and also reconciles health imbalances a diabetic individual presents with. Acupuncture for diabetes produces good results in the treatment of diabetes due to Traditional Chinese Medicine’s diagnostic framework, which is based on individualized therapy regimens and specific symptom patterns. Licensed acupuncture physicians are trained in acupuncture for diabetes and Chinese herbal medicine to treat individuals with diabetes.
For individuals with diabetes who do not tolerate well allopathic medications long-term, or who experience side effects due to medications, acupuncture for diabetes provides a safe and effective therapy. Acupuncture for diabetes may be utilized as a stand-alone therapy, but can also be effectively integrated into conventional diabetes programs. When acupuncture for diabetes is utilized as an adjunct therapy in an allopathic diabetes program, it often combines use of conventional diabetes medications, acupuncture for diabetes and Chinese herbal formulas.
Chinese herbal formulas are a component of acupuncture for diabetes and are tailored to each individual’s specific diagnosis. Chinese herbal formulas, when combined with acupuncture for diabetes, strengthen the effects of acupuncture for diabetes by correcting individual pattern imbalances while producing no negative side effects. Acupuncture for diabetes utilizes Chinese herbal formulas to address the diabetic condition between acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture for diabetes and Chinese herbal formulas do not interfere with conventional medications and produce enhanced synergistic effects.
Acupuncture for diabetes therapy selects acupuncture points that treat the root imbalance and its symptom manifestations as well. Acupuncture for diabetes acupuncture points and Chinese herbal formulas lower blood sugar levels while treating the individual manifestation of diabetes. Acupuncture for diabetes may aid individuals in reducing insulin intake by safely and effectively lowering blood sugar levels. Acupuncture for diabetes stabilizes blood sugar levels by correcting endocrine system imbalances.
Acupuncture & Massage College’s Masters of Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy programs prepare graduates for careers as acupuncture physicians and massage therapists. For program information call Joe Calareso at (305) 595-9500. For acupuncture and homeopathic therapy, request Dr. Richard Browne, Acupuncture Physician and Homeopath.

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