Acupuncture For Chronic Pain

Acupuncture for Chronic pain

Chronic non-cancerous pain, also known as CNP, is the main concern in the field of pain management. CNP has primarily been treated with pain relief medications. These medications often decrease the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.
These medications can cause drug tolerance and dependence. Without the increased dosage of the medication, the individual will continue to suffer chronic pain. As an alternative pain management therapy, acupuncture stimulates the production of endorphins, which can provide immediate pain relief that may last from a few hours to a few weeks. Continued acupuncture therapy on a weekly basis can result in long-term pain relief.
Acupuncture is an optimal therapy for CNP management. It also can aid in preventing drug dependency. Acupuncture effectively treats many acute and chronic pain conditions including: Back and neck pain, arthritis, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia.
Acupuncture’s underlying mechanism acts on pain generation, transmission of pain signals and processing of pain signals by the central nervous system and is stronger than the action mechanism of conventional therapy.
Health benefits of acupuncture:
• Improves energy and biochemical balance.
• Enhances the body’s natural healing abilities.
• Is a drug-free way to minimize pain.
• Addresses both symptoms and the underlying cause.
If you suffer from persistent pain, acupuncture can help you to feel more energetic after the first treatment. Acupuncture can be utilized as a complementary or primary therapy for pain management.

Acupuncture & Massage College’s Community Clinic offers acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic pain management as well as for a wide range of other health conditions. To schedule an appointment call (305) 595-9500. For information about AMC’s Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy programs ask for Joe Calareso, Admissions Director.

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