5 Reasons Why Becoming a Massage Therapist Might Be the Career Path for You

becoming a massage therapistYou're interested in finding a new career path and think massage therapy might be the right fit, but just aren't sure. You might wonder: What training is required to practice? What does the lifestyle of a massage therapist look like? What are the long-term prospects for the profession?

Great news! Becoming a massage therapist is a job that offers many appealing benefits. Learn about some of the reasons many reason people pursue this exciting line of work:

1. A quick way to jumpstart your career

Imagine yourself establishing a satisfying new career within just two years. Whether you’re partway down a job path that just doesn’t suit you or are at the beginning of your professional life and looking for a clear direction, consider massage therapy as an accessible way to chart a new life course. You won’t have to spend year after year in a classroom to obtain a degree that may or may not guarantee you employment upon graduation. You can complete training to become a massage therapist at the Acupuncture and Massage College in just 8.5 months, earning a specialty in Shiatsu.

2. A professional opportunity that focuses on helping others

Massage gives you an opportunity to make a direct impact on the health and wellness of the individual patients you encounter each day at work. Massage makes people feel good, so your patients will look forward to their appointments and to seeing you, which will make a huge impact on how you feel going to work each day. You’ll also gain the satisfaction of helping others overcome injuries and manage the symptoms of medical conditions, as well as reducing stress and improving their wellbeing. If you yearn for a career that helps people and offers a great quality of life, massage makes a great fit.

3. Flexible scheduling and a variety of work environments

As a massage therapist, you can set your own schedule, whether you want to work part-time or non-business hours that allow you to juggle family, other professional pursuits or hobbies. You can also choose from a variety of work environments, including medical settings, resorts or spas, or even a studio in your own home. No matter what specific setting you end up choosing, you’re likely to find yourself at work in a relaxing environment characterized by appealing elements like soft music, soothing smells and warm linens.

4. A career that keeps you active

If you love the idea of a job that gets you on your feet and engages your entire body, as opposed to one that forces you to sit at a desk all day, massage makes a great option. Most massage therapists stay in great shape because they lead an active lifestyle, including while they’re working. Helping others achieve their optimal wellness contributes to your own health! If fitness and health are priorities for you, why not pursue a professional that naturally encourages your own wellbeing?

5. Job security

Not only can you take your skills to a variety of geographic locations and environments, from medical settings to spas or solo practices, you can also count on a continuing and growing demand for the service. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the massage therapy industry was expected to increase 22 percent between 2014 and 2024, a much faster rate than other industries. If you want to make a sure bet on a great career for providing for yourself or your family in the long-term, consider massage therapy.

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