5 Reasons to Attend Massage School

Posted November 27, 2015 by Christy Wood, Campus President & filed under Massage Therapy School

massage_therapy_classesMassage therapy is growing in demand, as more and more people realize its healing and therapeutic benefits. Massage therapists are trained to meet this demand, having gone through schooling and certification that not only prepares them for rewarding careers, but gives them a specialized, marketable skill.

Massage therapists have invested in their education, in a profession that will always be in need. This gives them opportunities, security, and a future. Here are five more reasons going to massage school is a sound, strategic decision for 2016 and beyond.

  1. You help people feel better. After experiencing a massage, people leave relaxed, with less stress, more energy, and a positive spirit. Their tightness disintegrates, injuries begin to heal, and pain dissipates. They simply feel better, and massage therapists make that possible. The satisfaction massage therapists get from helping others is often cited as the number one reason they choose the profession.
  2. You can be your own boss. Massage therapists can work for physical therapists, physicians’ offices, wellness clinics, or even vacation resorts. Or they have the opportunity to work for themselves, establishing their own schedules, clients, and services. Massage school gives people the skills and education to practice on their own, creating a career path for freedom, flexibility, and greater work-life balance.
  3. There are plenty of job opportunities. All over the country, all over the globe, people have injuries, stress, and muscle fatigue. This means massage therapy is needed worldwide, from big cities to small towns. Trained, educated massage therapists have a skill that not everyone has. And this specialization -- combined with the demand for massage therapy – gives massage therapists a rewarding career and job security wherever they go.
  4. You can set your own schedule. Massage therapy is not a 9-to-5 desk job. Massage therapists can work as much or as little as they like. Whether it’s part-time, full-time, just weekends, or just mornings – it’s up to them. They can also work at a practice, or travel to clients’ homes or employers. Massage therapy is an ideal career path for people who need -- and want -- flexibility and freedom in their work lives.
  5. You can be part of the growing industry of natural health. As more people seek natural, non-pharmacological approaches to their health and wellbeing, the need for massage therapy will continue to grow, and massage therapy will increasingly be seen as a necessity and not a luxury. Massage therapists are at the forefront of this growth, charting new paths to wellness, and advancing their careers right along with the advancement of the field.

As you pursue new interests and goals, an education is something that you will always have, and that can never be taken away. A message therapy education will give you the skills and experience to be a professional massage therapist, opening up doors for you throughout your life. It’s a sound decision, and an investment in your future.

To learn more reasons to attend massage school, browse our site. And to take the next step in your education at Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, request a catalog here.

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