Herbal Medicine 1

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This class begins the study of TCM herbal medicine. The format of the class is such that study of formulas is combined with the study of materia medica. Introductory materials on both aspects of TCM herbal medicine will be presented, along with orientation to the AMC herbal dispensary. Study of the material itself will begin with some two dozen of the most commonly used formulas in modern practice, focusing on the treatment principles of Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang supplementation and harmonization of liver and spleen. The formulas are presented in such a way as to build on those previously taught, thus enhancing understanding of formula composition and ensuring retention of the material taught. Individual medicinal will be presented within the context of the formulas themselves. The module will include more than 50 of the most important Chinese medicinal, including their taste, temperature, functions, indications, dosage, and contraindications. Practical experience in identifying and handling the medicinal themselves as well as grouping them into formulas will prepare the students for their role in dispensing the herbs in the student clinic. (Prerequisite: DSY-312)

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