Advanced Acupuncture 1

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Advanced Acupuncture 1 is a course designed to take the student from the material presented in earlier classes Diagnostic Methods, Diagnostic Systems and Point Indication into the treatment of specific diseases and syndrome presentations as they appear in the clinic. This course will begin with an introduction to general principles of treatment, basic principles for selection of points and applications of specific points. In addition, the course will cover etiology, pathology, and the differentiation and treatment of individual disorders in internal medicine. Organization of the subject matter is based on specific TCM disease categories grouped according to the organ network with which they are most commonly associated. Further differentiation of TCM patterns is presented for each disease category along with treatment principles for each pattern, recommended treatment points, and modalities. In most cases, relevant biomedical information will be presented in order to enable the student to determine a prognosis and identify cases which require referral to appropriate non-TCM practitioners. (Prerequisite: DSY-312 and PTI-313)

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