Massage And Acupuncture For Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease, affecting 27 million Americans. Many people experiencing osteoarthritis choose massage and acupuncture for the treatment of the inflammation, pain and stiffness associated with the condition.

New research explores the role that inflammation plays in the development of osteoarthritis. Investigators at the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown that the development of osteoarthritis is in great part caused by low-grade inflammatory processes. This is at odds with the prevailing view attributing the condition to a lifetime of wear and tear on joints.

“It’s a paradigm change,” says William Robinson, M.D., the study’s senior author, of the implication of the findings. “People in the field predominantly view osteoarthritis as a matter of simple wear and tear, like tires gradually wearing out on a car.”

By targeting the inflammatory processes that occur early on in the development of osteoarthritis, well before it progresses to the point where symptoms appear, the condition might someday be preventable.

For individuals experiencing knee osteoarthritis, massage can relax muscles, joints and tendons and eliminate painful muscle spasms. Massage, when combined with muscle strength training, can improve the stability of the knee joint. Massage can reduce inflammation and improve flexibility.

Massage therapy can be combined with acupuncture for osteoarthritis to provide pain relief and improve function. Acupuncture for knee osteoarthritis should be seen as a long term process, especially in cases where the condition has been present for several years. Your acupuncture physician will tailor therapy to your particular presentation following diagnosis. Benefits of acupuncture:

  • Improves functional ability.
  • Reduces dependence on medication.
  • Can relieve both knee and hip osteoarthritis pain.
  • Improves quality of life.

Acupuncture can be integrated into an allopathic treatment plan as an adjunct therapy and is most effective for individuals with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis who have moderate pain that is not resolved with conventional medical therapy.

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