How to Get Shiatsu Massage Certification

how-to-get-a-shiatsu-massage-certification.jpgThere are many ways to enhance a massage therapy business, from offering spa services to diversifying the types of massage techniques offered. It's an important aspect of massage for practitioners, as well as those looking to enter the field.

Some clients may be looking for a specific type of technique or a diverse menu of options for treatment. One of the many specialties you can add to your massage toolbox is Shiatsu massage certification. What is Shiatsu and how do you become an expert in giving this type of massage?

What is Shiatsu?

One of the great things about Shiatsu massage therapy is that it bridges the gap between holistic and traditional medicine because it employs many Western therapies — such as anatomy and physiology — in the practice.

Like other forms of massage therapy, benefits of shiatsu massage include relaxation, but also helps treat many medical conditions. What is Shiatsu massage good for treating? Migraines, chronic pain, sleep issues, pregnancy discomfort, cancer side effects — these are among the many conditions that are helped by Shiatsu.

How does it work?

Shiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese and experts in the technique use not only fingers, but the hands, elbows or even feet, to apply pressure to various specific points on a patient's body. Practitioners of Shiatsu massage also use kneading, soothing, light tapping and stretching to address points of tension and blocked qi — or a person's life force energy — around the body.

Shiatsu professionals have a deep understanding of how qi energy flows through the meridians throughout the body, and what ailments may happen when blockages occur. The receive Shiatsu massage training to understand both the philosophy behind the technique and how to execute it.

Getting certified

If you are changing careers, or just starting to plan for your next, but haven't settled on a massage therapy school, you can choose one that offers training or Shiatsu massage training as part of its program. You'll still likely learn about other forms of massage — including Swedish massage, medical massage, tui na and more — but you'll get in-depth training on Shiatsu. You can also take a certification course to bolster a massage degree you have already earned.

Understanding Shiatsu is more than just learning the proper massage technique. Some of the concepts you may study in a Shiatsu massage certification course include:

  • Treatment of the back and upper extremity with Shiatsu
  • Point location and palpation
  • Proper body movement and hand/thumb technique
  • Visualization of qi flow through the channels
  • Treatment of the back and lower extremity with Shiatsu
  • Yin Yang Theory
  • Eight principles and four examinations
  • Cause of disease
  • Qi Kung and Qi enhancing exercises

If you want to obtain Shiatsu massage certification with a massage degree in southern Florida, Acupuncture and Massage College offers a program. AMC also offers continuing education classes for professionals. Call (305) 595-9500 for more information.

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