Acupuncture Boosts Outcomes for Natural In Vitro Fertilization

Tapping in acupuncture needleInfertility affects more than 7.3 million people nationwide, and many couples are unaware of the potential that acupuncture holds for them.

A study at the University of Maryland School of Medicine shows that acupuncture can improve pregnancy rates for couples undergoing natural in vitro fertilization (IVF). Researchers say acupuncture has been used for centuries in China to regulate the female reproductive system.

How it works with natural in vitro fertilization

When combined with IVF, as few as four acupuncture treatments may be scheduled during the IVF cycle: The first at the beginning of the cycle, another just before egg retrieval, the third just before embryo transfer, and the last after the embryo is transferred.

An acupuncture physician may recommend additional treatments.
Prior studies have linked acupuncture to positive natural in vitro fertilization outcomes. Acupuncture can:
• Increase uterine blood flow
• Reduce stress
• Enhance IVF treatment
• Regulate menstruation and ovulation

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