4 Things to Know About Going to Massage School

AMC Things to know about going ot massage schoolGoing to massage school is a personal, unique experience for all students. At the same time, there are many things about it that are common to everyone. The following are four things prospective students should know about going to massage school that can help them determine if it’s the right choice for them.

  1. It’s a serious commitment. Massage therapy is a rewarding career that provides flexibility, fulfillment, and the ability to help others. But becoming a massage therapist takes months of education and training, and going to massage school is a decision not to be taken lightly. Prospective students should carefully consider their lifestyles, commitment, and career goals before enrolling. It can also help to visit the massage school they have in mind and get a sense of the environment and day-in-the-life expectations.
  1. The coursework can be challenging. Massage school is not an easy skate-through undertaking. Many students experience difficulties taking tests, sitting in class and listening to lectures, or learning the hands-on massage aspect. Many students are often surprised at the amount of material that must be memorized. Overcoming these challenges can be easier if students know what to expect and are prepared to focus.
  1. It requires a lot of studying. The requirements for state licensure in massage therapy call for a good deal of studying. Classes include anatomy and physiology, pathology, musculoskeletal anatomy, ethics, state law, history of massage, and business, and students must be prepared to pass state examinations. At AMC, there are also a minimum of three hands-on classes. While these classes and an intern clinic help students prepare to treat their first professional patients, the hands-on component is an area that students must apply their full knowledge and attention.
  1. You’ll develop great friendships. While going to massage school is challenging and requires a serious commitment, the experience indeed brings people together. Many students are surprised by the deep friendships they make with fellow students and how much their lives change as they go through the program. Some students report that some of the best friends they have are the ones they met while going to massage school.

All in all, students at AMC report that going to massage school is a positive experience, resulting in a great career helping others. If you’re ready for the challenge and for enriching your life with new friendships and new opportunities for the future, download an AMC Course Catalog to get started.

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