Continuing Education Class: Anti-Aging Through Ayurveda | AMC-Miami

Date: Sunday, February 18, 2018.

Time: 9am–5pm

Class: Anti-Aging Through Ayurveda. Ayurveda is defined as the science of life or the "elixir of existence.” It strives to provide service to humanity, where the most important service that can be provided to any individual is knowledge.

The seminar will teach practitioners how to use Ayurvedic Medical principles in their practice. The classical system of Ayurveda maintains a comprehensive system of anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies called rasayana tantra that is notable for its unique remedies and practices.

Ayurvedic Medicine
Credits: 8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Licensed Acupuncture Physicians (APs).

Instructor: Dr. Leda Fernandez. Leda is a western Medical Doctor who trained in her native Cuba, where she received her diploma in Doctor of Medicine. Since early ages she was exposed to the wonders of healing with different
natural modalities. During her medical training she had the wonderful opportunity to learn in details the techniques and benefits of Oriental Medicine and focusing her medical training in clinical research, pulmonary medicine and child medicine.

She worked in medical research at University of Miami. During this time she learned about the need to educate the community in preventive medicine. This guided her to turn the attention to her roots and pursue a path in natural healing modalities.

During her search she trained as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, completing her internship in Kerala, India. She is categorized as a unique Ayurvedic
Practitioner that applies the integration of the West and the East. Currently, she is the Clinical Director and Faculty of the Doctoral program at Sai Ayurvedic
College. As a co-director of The Wellbeing Space, Leda truly shares the vision of the center of building a healthier environment.

Price: $125.00

Registration: AMC is open Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM. Register and reserve your spot by calling AMC at (305)-595-9500 or by emailing Anton Rivera at Registration and payment can also be made at the front desk.

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