Considering a career in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine?

Acupuncture for the Back

Accredited Program in 36 months

AMC’s accredited Oriental Medicine program is designed to be completed in 36 months, and the curriculum meets the requirements established by the State of Florida and the National Commission for Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Successful completion of our program is meant to prepare students to sit for the NCCAOM’s licensure exams. Graduates may seek employment as acupuncture physicians upon passing the NCCAOM licensure exams, and receiving a license from the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our prospective students that are considering a career in acupuncture and oriental medicine have similar questions and concerns, so we create this guide to help them learn more about potential career options and other questions related to studying acupuncture. Of course, if you have additional questions after reading this guide, please feel free to call the school and we would be happy to answer additional questions, and even invite you to be a student for the day.


Learn more about core concepts in Oriental Medicine

To learn more about some of the concepts that are at the core of the Oriental Medicine program, see below. For more details on specific courses available at AMC, you can browse to course descriptions.

Acupuncture PointsAcupuncture

Acupuncture is the art of of treating pain and balancing the flow of energy or life force (QI) through meridians in the body by inserting extremely thin needles at strategic points. A more Western understanding of Acupuncture is that the needles are inserted at points that stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissues. Students pursuing Acupuncture at AMC are taught to appreciate both views and they leave fully equipped to treat conservative patients who have an appreciation for the rich culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also the “western” patient who prefer to view the art in a scientific way. At AMC, our accredited Acupuncture program prepares you to live a more fulfilled life by enhancing the life of each individual you treat. Additionally, it prepares you to become a leader in practice and research, and clinical governance and policy within the Acupuncture profession. We encourage our students to explore the diversity of the art of Acupuncture as we foster development through mentoring and supervision.

Acupuncture and MassageOriental Bodywork

AMC is one of the top schools that offer the Oriental Bodywork program. Our students are at an advantage when they study this incredible course with us because we ensure that they are exposed to emerging concepts and modalities in this field. Oriental Bodywork (sometimes called Asian Bodywork Therapy) is the use of pressure and/or manipulation to treat patients; assessing the electromagnetic and energetic fields “which surrounds, infuses and brings that body to life”. As the practitioner, your aim will be to balance the energetic system of your patient to bring about harmony of emotions, mind, spirit, body and energy field. Students are always excited to learn the Chinese Four Pillars of examination: observation; listening; asking and touching. Also, you will be intrigued by the concept of the Five Essential Substances: Qi, Jing, She, Xue and Jin-ye.

TCM HerbsChinese Herbs

We teach each student the fascinating concepts and healing properties of over 300 herbs; giving them access to more than half that amount stocked in our herbal dispensary at AMC. Our students are always excited to learn about these herbs, work with classic pill formulas and also to make custom formulas from the herbs in our dispensary. We equip our graduates with sufficient knowledge to go out in the field prepared to “heal” their patients of maladies while balancing their body. Over 2000 years of rich insights into Chinese herbology will be passed on to you when you enroll at AMC.

Acupuncture NeedleAcupuncture School Intern Clinic

AMC’s Community Intern Clinic has been providing quality service for the past 25 years. Patients benefit from low cost, high quality, supervised health care, 32 hours each week. Students in the oriental medicine program attend between 4 – 8 hours a week in the intern clinic depending on their phase within the program. At AMC, we pride ourselves in the work done by our Chinese Medicine and Massage Therapy Interns who, having not yet graduated from their courses, are capable of attending to the needs of the community and our student population. All students of AMC have full, free access to treatment in the Community Clinic.

Year 1


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
SCO-332 Supervised Clinic Observation-Fall 60 4
ANP-301 Anatomy & Physiology 60 4
MUS-301 Musculo-Skeletal A & P 60 4
ABW-311 Asian Bodywork 60 4
TOTAL   240 16


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
SCO-333 Supervised Clinic Observation-Winter 90 3
MTE-302 Medical Terminology 30 2
GBI-302 General Biology 30 2
DSY-312 Diagnostic Systems 60 4
DME-312 Diagnostic Methods 60 4
ECM-312 Essentials of Chinese Medicine 60 4
TOTAL   330 19


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
INE-313 Needling 60 4
PTI-313 Point Indication 60 4
PL2-313 Point Location 2 60 4
PL1-313 Point Location 1 60 4
SCO-331 Supervised Clinical Observation-Spring 60 4
TOTAL   300 20

Year 2


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
RCP-444 Research & Case Presentation 15 1
SCP-434 Supervised Clinic Practice-Fall 120 4
BLI-404 Biochemistry/Labwork/Imaging 30 2
PA2-404 Pathology 2 / Medical Errors 30 2
PA1-404 Pathology 1 60 4
HM1-424 Herbal Medicine 1 60 4
TOTAL   315 17


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
CHP-638 Supervised Clinic Practice-Winter    
OAS-405 Orthopedic Assessment 60 4
HM2-425 Herbal Medicine 2 60 4
IPE-405 Physical Exam 60 4
TOTAL   180 12


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
PHA-608 Pharmacology 60 4
SCP-436 Supervised Clinic Practice-Spring 120 4
AA2-416 Advanced Acupuncture 2 60 4
HM3-426 Herbal Medicine 3 60 4
AA1-416 Advanced Acupuncture 1 60 4
TOTAL   360 20

Year 3


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
PMT-547 Practice Management 60 4
PDI-527 Pharmacognosy and Drug Interaction 15 1
HM5-527 Herbal Medicine 5 45 3
HM4-527 Herbal Medicine 4 60 4
ACR-517 Acupuncture Comprehensive Review 60 4
CHP-537 Clinic and Herb Practice-Fall 120 4
TOTAL   360 20


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
GYN-618 TCM Gynecology 30 2
IM2-628 Internal Medicine 2 60 4
IM1-618 Internal Medicine 1 60 4
BCR-608 Biomedicine Comprehensive Review 30 2
CHP-638 Clinic & Herb Practice-Winter 120 4
TOTAL   300 16


Course # Course Name Course Hours Credit Hours
CHP-639 Clinic and Herb Practice-Spring 130 4
BME-649 Behavioral Medicine 60 4
CCM-619 Classics of Chinese Medicine 30 2
TDT-629 TCM Dietary Therapy 30 2
HCR-629 Herbal Comprehensive Review 60 4
TOTAL   310 16