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What you can expect at AMC’s Massage Therapy Program…

AMC’s Massage Therapy training program began in Miami in 1987, and hundreds of our graduates are now working in the industry around Miami’s spas, hotels, cruise ships, and more. Students in our programs will experience and learn many of the different massage modalities. The program is designed to be completed in under a year, and to provide graduates with the knowledge and experience to apply for state licensure.


Given AMC’s competency in Oriental Medicine, it is fitting that our programs have a particular focus on Shiatsu. Shiatsu is a massage therapy method developed that incorporates traditional Chinese massage with anatomy and physiology, physiotherapy and chiropractic methods. Shiatsu helps the body to heal and balance itself. We feel that a specialization in this unique massage modality separates our graduates from other therapists. The program also covers other modalities, such as Swedish massage, that are commonly offered at most spas.


At AMC, we believe that “practice makes perfect”. After several months of learning massage in an academic setting, the massage therapy program culminates with a clinical internship where students perform a minimum of 130 treatments in a 164 hour program on real patients. In our Student Intern Clinic, our students use their skills on real patients, and learn to perfect their work, all under the supervision and guidance of licensed professionals.

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If you are interested in learning more about launching a career in massage therapy, and want to learn what the work is like, our guide Five Steps to Finding Focus Flexibility and Fulfillment: How To Launch A Career in Massage Therapy may help you get a better understanding. And if you are interested in learning more about the school, and even sitting in class as a student for the day, contact our Admissions Department at (305)595-9500.

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