Massage clinic is designed to build student skills, confidence, and comfort level one step at a time. Clinic provides students with the opportunity to practice the various techniques they have studied.

This class discusses one of the most prevalent and relevant issues of our time, i.e., the prevention of medical errors. The majority of the time, the implementation of simple precautions can prevent most errors. This requires looking at the every day routines, materials, environments, individuals (including patients) and groups with a fresh eye. It will include basic medical error.

This course will introduce the students to marketing concepts and strategies. Students will learn effective public speaking and begin to develop a networking and business plan.

Per Florida State guidelines, this course provides an overview of current information on the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), including epidemiology, clinical manifestations, treatment, prevention, legal/ethical issues, and the importance of behavior and attitude changes for the caregiver.

This course will teach Florida state regulations, licensing procedures, renewal requirements, and scope of practice limitations.

This course will teach a thorough and effective treatment of the Back and upper extremity based on the Hoshino system of Shiatsu. Point location and palpation will be stressed as well as correct body movement and proper hand/thumb technique. This course helps the student visualize and actually feel the flow of "Qi" in the channels. Qi Kung and Qi enhancing exercises will also be taught.

This course will teach the fundamentals of hydrotherapy. The class will enable the student to understand the different therapeutic approaches used in hydrotherapy.

The class will provide the student with information about mechanisms of disease and the pathological process that occurs within each system of the human body. The following subjects will be covered: genetic disorders, neoplasms, infections, trauma, immune disorders, mental and emotional disorders, respiratory disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, and medical terminology.

This course will cover the theory of massage, classical techniques and strokes, professionalism in treatment, and indications and contraindications of massage treatment. Clinical assessment techniques, postural analysis, as well as exercise and stretch techniques will be taught. These techniques will assist students in developing a strong background in the healing applications of Massage Therapy. Our Instructors will supervise clinical practicum. In addition, an introduction to various massage therapy modalities will be presented.

This course provides a general study of the human body's normal structure and function. Emphasis is placed on the complex nature of the body, the interrelationship of the organs, and the body's ability to adapt to the environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the specific needs of the Massage Therapist.

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