Herbal Medicine 2

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This class continues the study of TCM herbal medicine. The format of the class is such that study of formulas is combined with the study of materia medica. Study of the material will proceed according to the standard categorization of medicinals and formulae found in most Chinese and English-language textbooks. Categories for this module will include Herbs and Formulas That Release The Exterior, Herbs and Formulas That Clear Heat, and Herbs and Formulas That Drain Downward. Approximately 40 formulas from these categories will be included, with their constituents, functions and indications, and standard modifications. The module will also include study of approximately 75 Chinese medicinals, including their taste, temperature, functions, indications, dosage, and contraindications. Practical experience in identifying and handling the medicinals themselves as well as grouping them into formulas will prepare the students for their role in dispensing the herbs in the student clinic.(Prerequisite: HM1-424)

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