What Types of Jobs Can I get With an Alternative Medicine Degree?

Posted September 01, 2015 by Morena McNally, Career Services Director & filed under Careers

alternative medicine jobsWhen considering going into alternative medicine there are many paths one can take in their area of specialty. There are courses in a multitude of areas with many different teaching styles. Now you may find yourself wondering what can someone do with degrees in these fields? Aside from the obvious massage therapist and acupuncturist, there are many different ways someone can go once receiving their degree.

One path that people with both acupuncture and massage degrees can go down is the spa/wellness center route. People are becoming much more interested in not only how to improve their outside but also their inside. Wellness fads will come and go, but acupuncture and massage have remained as pillars of health and wellness for thousands of years, giving you some pretty good job stability. In fact, according to the Global Wellness Summit after a growth rate of 58% between 2007 and 2013 the spa industry alone is estimated to be worth $94 billion! That means that jobs in the spa and wellness industry aren’t going to be nearly as difficult to come by as many other professions, which are still reeling from the recession.

Many people with degrees in alternative medicine arena also find themselves self-employed. These types of positions are ideal for the independent and self motivated, and offer an incomparable amount of flexibility. Being able to do what you love, on your own terms and time frame, is hugely appealing to many people, and those with degrees in acupuncture and massage just happen to be lucky enough to be able to do that! Depending on your employer's rules, some acupuncturists and masseuses who are employed in clinical or spa settings can also freelance on the side to make some extra money as well.

We’ve found that many of our graduates are finding work in a growing number of holistic and alternative medicine clinics throughout the country. Alternative and holistic treatments are becoming the go-to for many people across the country and the alternative medicine industry has shown incredible growth in the last few years as a result. This trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon as numerous studies are showing the benefits of alternative treatments and confirming what many of us in the industry already know.

No matter which area you decide to study or which job path you’d like to take, all signs are pointing to you having a number of options in your choice of career after graduation. With the economy back on the upswing and the markets for our industries growing year after year, you should have no trouble finding positions in clinics and spas or finding individual clients for your own private practice.

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