What Can I Do With A Massage Therapy Degree in Miami?

Massage Therapy Degree in MiamiOne of the biggest considerations when going back to school is what, if any, jobs you can get with the degree you’re pursing. So often people spend years and tens of thousands of dollars on degrees they don’t end up using. Luckily, if you’re thinking of getting a massage therapy degree in Miami that likely won’t be the case, as jobs are plentiful and varied.

There are some obvious choices for career paths post-graduation like working as a masseuse in a salon, spa or wellness center. While these are great positions that allow you to use your skills to their fullest there are other options out there.

Other types of clinics like chiropractic or acupuncture clinics often have a massage therapist on staff to help treat their patients, opening up your employment options beyond the obvious.

In addition to that, one increasingly popular option (for both massage therapists and clients) is being self-employed or having your own office. This allows the ultimate in flexibility since you have no boss, set your own hours deal directly with clients.

While this option will require a bit more initial work on your behalf in building up a client base, it’s one of the most rewarding and flexible jobs one could have. In addition to being self-employed many massage therapists also opt to work for a clinic or spa to help supplement their income.

Beyond these options, some massage therapists choose to go in a different direction; teaching. As long as there is a demand for massage there will be a need for massage therapists, and they’ll all need the proper education and training. Jobs in massage education range from working at a school like AMC to teaching training courses, certification classes or holding workshops for specialized techniques. This is also a great way to supplement your income if you’re self-employed or working at a clinic or spa.

Speaking of supplementing your income, many massage therapists opt to go to school to specialize in a specific type of massage or therapy like sports, physical or occupational therapy. Some also decide to get a complementary degree in areas like acupuncture or esthetics in order to offer a wider range of services to clients and make themselves even more enticing to potential employers.

You’ll find few careers that offer as wide of a range of employment options and flexibility as massage therapy. If you think this might be a career you’re interested you can request a course catalog from AMC or you can download our free eBook Five Steps to Finding Focus, Flexibility and Fulfillment.Career In Massage

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