Neuro-Linguistic Programming And Acupuncture

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), created by Richard Bandler, is a behavioral method which can empower you with a set of guiding attitudes and principles about behavior. NLP can be combined with acupuncture to create an effective approach to mind and body. NLP places an emphasis on the relation between thoughts, language and behavior. Techniques used in NLP teach people to modify beliefs, reach personal goals, eliminate addictions, and improve communication with others. By adopting more successful ways of using the mind, negatives can be changed into positives. “Often, I only need to see people a couple of times to reprogram their thinking and give them a whole new outlook on life, success and happiness,” says Bandler. “I don’t look at where people went astray, what they did or why. I teach them to get back on the rails and not to look back.” Once people realize that they create their own internal beliefs, memories and experiences, they become aware that they have the power to change their behavior and health. There are now more than 3,000 NLP institutes in 70 different countries, using Bandler’s techniques to cure everything from phobias and lack of confidence to traumatic association from past events. NLP benefits: • Allows you to shape your future. • Provides optimism about the present. • Teaches how to use determination and calm in adverse situations. • Improves personal and professional decision making. NLP and acupuncture treatment combine the powerful mind techniques of NLP with the body and meridian work of acupuncture to promote mental and physical health. Many health conditions have mental and physical components that can be effectively treated by integrating NLP with acupuncture therapy. … Read More

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