Exercise And Healthy Aging

Regular exercise is associated with a slower progression or reduced risk of age-related health conditions as well as overall health improvements in older age, according to a new study appearing in JAMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine. Exercise has been associated with beneficial effects on diabetes, obesity, arthritis, falls and fractures, heart disease, cancer, and lung disease, write Marco Pahor, M.D. and Jeff Williamson, M.D., M.H.S., from the University of Florida. These specific health conditions can impair the independence, everyday functioning and task activities of older adults. “Regular physical activity has been associated with greater longevity as well as reduced risk of physical disability and dependence,” the authors comment. The new research examines important aging-related outcomes for which exercise has a relevant impact. Health benefits of exercise include: • Weight management. • Increased energy levels. • Improved mood. • Chronic disease prevention. Moderate or vigorous physical exercise also appears to be linked to a lowered risk of developing cognitive impairment in older adults. Activities such as aerobic exercise, balance and strength training, and physical activities like dancing can help to prevent or delay cognitive function and are recommended. … Read More

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