The Secret to Success in Holistic Health Careers

Posted June 06, 2017 by Joe Calareso, Director of Admissions

success-in-holistic-health-careers-167628-edited.jpgSo, you've decided to start on an exciting journey of exploring careers in holistic medicine. Or maybe you already have a new professional path picked out — be it in massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga or reiki practice. You might be wondering: Am I cut out for this line of work? What experiences or qualities do you need to be successful in holistic health careers? Can I make the money I want and gain the personal and professional satisfaction out of the job that I desire?

While there is no single formula for success and satisfaction in holistic health — in fact, it's a field known for its flexible career options — there are some commonalities among those who are successful in the field.

1. Excellent education, credentials and experience

The first step on the road to becoming a successful holistic health practitioner of one of the field's disciplines is completing a qualified training program, such as an accredited massage therapy or Oriental medicine school. Not only is rigorous classroom education a component for many career paths, but hands-on practice or instruction experience guarantees you'll be entering the job market with the skills needed to thrive. Any qualified training program should help you navigating any necessary licensing requirements. Professional organizations can also provide ongoing training and support.

2. A desire to help people

One of the most satisfying aspects of holistic health careers is that you get to help people every day through your work. The desire to work closely with people and help them overcome their problems — physical, mental and spiritual — will drive success in a holistic field. Do you have a caring, compassionate and empathetic disposition? Do you enjoy listening to others? You will likely thrive in this field of care.

3. A commitment to holistic health

Holistic health is a lifestyle on the part of practitioners and patients. To be successful in holistic health careers requires a commitment to treating your clients or patients with a whole person approach — considering the mind, body and spirt in treatment. It also means practicing self-care in a similar vein.

4. A willingness to educate and promote

The demand for holistic health treatments is on the rise, but part of your job will still require educating your clients or patients — or potential ones — on the value of your services. Some may be skeptical, though an increasing number of people are choosing to add holistic approaches to their health and wellness regimens to suppliment mainstream medical care. In addition, if you open your own practice — which many people, for example, in the massage field do — you'll need a passion for keeping up on the administrative aspects of running a business and marketing yourself to gain new clientele.

Acupuncture and Massage College helps its graduates prepare to succeed in the job market with comprehensive training and hands-on experience in a clinic setting. Call (305) 595-9500 for more information on getting a holistic health degree in programs for massage therapy and Oriental medicine.




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