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Reiki, or “universal life force energy,” is a Japanese energy healing system, often categorized with massage therapy therapeutic techniques in many massage school programs offered at massage schools. Developed in the early 1900s, reiki principles are closely aligned with those of shiatsu massage therapy and massage training. Reiki is based on the main premise similar to that of shiatsu massage therapy; that we have a life force energy flowing through our bodies.

This energy flows along pathways, known in massage therapy training and massage therapy programs as meridians. Reiki channels universal life force energy, or Japanese ki, through the Reiki practitioner to the recipient. Like shiatsu massage therapy, reiki seeks to balance energy within the body.


Similar to shiatsu massage therapy training taught in massage school programs, when this energy is out of balance in the body, or is depleted, then an individual becomes susceptible to physical and emotional ailments.

In a Reiki session, the practitioner places hands over key areas of a recipient’s body, with the intent to channel universal life force energy through his or her hands to the recipient to induce healing. Several massage therapy training programs instruct on how this hands-on touch can be combined with massage therapy techniques and visualization in a bodywork session for a powerful synergistic effect. The channeled reiki energy is effective in opening up meridians and improving energy imbalance, similar to the intent of shiatsu massage therapy acupressure techniques taught at massage schools which instruct on how to balance energy in the body.

Practitioner intent is an important aspect in the practice of reiki, and is closely related to the massage therapist’s focus on patient healing taught in shiatsu massage therapy training in massage therapy programs. The places where ki flow is restricted results in physical organs at these locations becoming restricted in their functioning. If these energy blockages are not eliminated, illness results. Reiki can be combined with conventional medical treatments without contraindications. Dr. Browne is a certified Reiki Master. He give Reiki treatments and Reiki Attunements both private and group classes for more information contact him at 305-595-9500.

Written by Rev. Dr. Richard Browne

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