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Students of massage therapy as well as established massage therapists use instructional massage and bodywork videos. These videos can improve creativity, productivity and heighten energy. Massage videos can focus on various types of massage—including Thai, reflexology, Shiatsu, Swedish, and clinical massage.They can also focus on massage techniques such as deep and soft tissue. Whether beginning massage therapy training or already practicing, these videos can assist individuals in becoming more knowledgeable in specialized types and techniques of massage.

Extended volume video sets of massage can also provide clear demonstrations of virtually any tissue technique the massage therapist will practice. Live demonstrations on video also enhance learning capabilities beyond what is possible to demonstrate and describe in books alone. Videos can explore general demonstrations of specific massage techniques as well as go into further detail to describe subtleties of working with tissue.

Individualized videos as well as sets designed to serve as full supplemental study courses for massage therapy students are available for those wishing to expand their skills. Several massage video resources exist, including general video outlets, computer and electronic stores; massage magazines, and online sources such as

massage therapy
Bedsides learning new therapeutic techniques, massage therapy videos can improve assessment abilities and lead students through a series of massage routines to improve general massage practice abilities. Videos can also assist massage therapists beginning practice in developing pain management tools to relieve common client maladies. While massage videos can assist in general instructional massage education, they also can lead massage students towards more inspired clinical training.
Massage therapy students can watch videos intended as overviews of massage principles to supplement study reviews. Specific, specialized massage videos can also help massage therapy students decide if they wish to pursue practice in a specialized massage field.Examples include videos on polarity therapy, which teaches students how to valuate the five elements as well as understand the three currents of energy within the polarity therapy massage principles. Specialized integrative massage videos explain how to incorporate different massage modalities into a holistic treatment offering the benefits of energy balancing, guided imagery and Shiatsu massage.

Reflexology videos incorporate foot and hand massage into practice. Cranial-Sacral therapy massage videos instruct on how to balance each of the cranial bones and sacrum using various massage techniques.

Therapeutic massage videos specializing in compression routines are also available. These various types of general overview massage videos as well as specialization massage videos can be especially effective in not only supplementing massage therapy instruction but also deepening knowledge of what is learned in the classroom and clinic.

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