Massage Therapy-A Rising Profession

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Massage therapy is increasing in popularity among consumers. Two out of five adults, or 12 percent, have received at least one massage in the last year, according to an Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals survey.
Consumers have few negative expressions about massage; 96 percent of those who received at least one massage in the last year have positive statements about massage therapy. According to the survey findings, a massage therapy session can favorably change perceptions regarding the value of massage.
The increasing consumer demand for massage therapy confirms growing acceptance of the massage therapy profession, which has worked to legitimize its standing among complementary and alternative therapies.
Compared to the 12 percent of consumers who received a massage in the last year, the survey found that 13 percent went to a chiropractor and 10 percent to a physical therapist. Of those who received a massage, the average number of massage therapy visits (nine) was similar to the number of chiropractic and physical therapy services.
Of the survey respondents, massage therapy was especially popular among adults under age 50 and women. The market strength among younger adults bodes well for the massage therapy profession as these consumers age, suggesting that massage demand will grow.
Survey respondents received massage therapy primarily for muscular soreness, stress and health restoration.
Register today for Massage Therapy program classes offered at Acupuncture & Massage College during July and August. Musculoskeletal Anatomy and State Law classes begin July 27 and Shiatsu and Qi Kung 2 class begins August 24. Enrollment for Massage Therapy program classes is on a monthly basis.
The Musculoskeletal Anatomy course teaches the fundamentals of musculoskeletal anatomy and enables students to understand the different parts of the body, their relationship to each other and the action of the muscles and bones.
Florida State regulations, massage licensing procedures, renewal requirements, and scope of practice are reviewed in the State Law course.
Shiatsu and Qi Kung 2 teaches a through and effective treatment of the back and lower extremity based on the Hoshino system of Shiatsu. Students learn Yin Yang theory, Eight Principles and Four Examinations and cause of disease. The course enables students to understand the major concepts of Oriental Medicine and perform a comprehensive patient interview. A survey of the meridian channels is included in the course.
For information about Acupuncture & Massage College’s Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy programs call Joe Calareso, Admissions Director, at (305) 595-9500.

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