Make Your Massage Therapy Practice Recession-Proof

Posted August 22, 2009 by Acupuncture & Massage College & filed under Massage

Building a stable massage therapy practice during uncertain economic times requires building your business on client values as well as the need to make money. To create a successful business, massage therapists should form a tracking system that supervises relevant aspects of their practice.

Determine how many clients you need to schedule each week to meet your monthly and yearly expenses. Reconcile an income plan with a detailed expense plan. Develop a marketing plan which targets the type of client you wish to have and which effectively advertises any specialties you may have, such as rehabilitation or sports massage.

Set boundaries regarding your ideal client and how your clientele affects your business. Decline to schedule potential clients who do not have the values your business is based upon, such as valuing effective self care, optimal health and massage as a relevant aspect of health care.

Getting a weekly massage sets a positive example for your clients regarding self care. Become involved with other activities that enhance health, such as regular exercise and yoga. Take the time needed to care for yourself sufficiently. Your business will flourish in relation to how you treat yourself in terms of your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial dimensions.

Structure a set of procedures and policies that recession-proof your massage practice. This includes setting your fees and determining follow up procedures when you aren’t paid by a client. Determine how you will implement your no show and cancellation policies. Your massage practice requires an effective tracking and business support system to allow you to concentrate on the practitioner-client relationship without distraction, allowing it to flourish and remain therapeutic, positive and healing.

Optimize your website to allow your practice keywords to get you to the top of the search engines. Provide enough information about you and your business on your website that potential clients feel confident to call to schedule an appointment. Make certain your website also has sufficient information on the health benefits of massage and the various types of massage therapy.

Your tracking system should also incorporate billing, relevant paperwork and bookkeeping that is needed to run your business smoothly. Determine and set yearly rate raises every year to meet rising expenses.

Developing a detailed tracking system for your business allows you to review and take steps towards getting the clients and income that you need to run a stable practice and to survive the recession.

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