How to Get New Massage Clients

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A massage practice’s success relies on regularly acquiring new clients or getting your client base to book appointments on a repeat basis, either weekly or monthly. As a massage therapist, you must build trust with potential clients so that they will not hesitate to call to make an appointment.
Your website content can strengthen your ability to not only find new clients but also to turn them into repeat clients. The information on your site must be comprehensive, knowledgeable and educate the potential client about different types of massage and the health benefits massage therapy offers.
Your site content should include several informative articles about what conditions and ailments massage therapy treats and client testimonials. Content should clearly communicate to the potential client your expertise in your field, which will build trust and allow them to confidently make the call for an appointment.
In addition to informative and educational content, your site should emphasize what types of massage therapy you specialize in. From your potential client’s perspective, you must be able to provide a solution to their health condition. Build trust by offering free consultations to discuss their condition with them.
You must be able to communicate what you know about massage and holistic health care, how you can meet their health needs and specifically how massage therapy can provide them with a solution to their pain, stress or ailment.
A website that only offers basic information, such as your list of services and rates does not motivate potential clients to call you for an appointment. You must take into consideration your potential clients’ understanding of massage therapy and then make an effort to educate them about massage therapy and how it directly benefits well being. You must go beyond a sales pitch and build trust. This involves providing a site with content-rich material covering all aspects of massage therapy.
To get new clients, your site should also project what your philosophy is regarding massage therapy, optimal health and healing. You must emphasize your ability and expertise as a healer.
This is all part of communicating with potential clients how you can provide a solution to their health condition and the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. Once they understand that you offer an effective health care solution, they will be motivated to call to make an appointment.
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