Homeopathic Pain Management

Posted November 21, 2007 by Acupuncture & Massage College & filed under Herbs & Medicine

Homeopathic pain management may minimize pain, reduce stress and improve well-being. Homeopathic pain management is a system of medicine based on the premise that tiny quantities of certain substances can stimulate the body to heal itself. Homeopathic pain management substances are greatly diluted, which in larger doses would produce similar symptoms of the illness afflicting the individual. These diluted substances, utilized in homeopathic pain management remedies, stimulate the body to provide a healing response. The healing response produced by homeopathic pain management remedies then acts to reduce condition symptoms.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and other conventional pain management medications often have side effects such as low immune function and ulcers, which can be avoided by using homeopathic pain management remedies. Homeopathic pain management remedies must match the exact symptom set to be effective. Both acute and chronic pain syndromes can be treated with homeopathic pain management. Composed of nontoxic, natural plant, mineral and animal substances, homeopathic pain management enhances the body’s self-regulatory processes and is an increasingly used complementary therapy.
Homeopathic pain management reduces inflammation and facilitates healing. Regulated since 1938 by the FDA, homeopathic pain management remedies are proven to be safe to treat a wide range of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, allergies, and minor injuries such as cuts, muscle strains and sprains. Homeopathic pain management can combat the loss of energy due to the lack of rest or sleep and reduce the increased stress levels that accompany common pain syndromes.
Homeopathic pain management remedies not only offer relief from temporary pain disorders but can enhance long term healing. Homeopathic pain management remedies also reestablish normal immune system functioning and stimulate the body’s natural defense system. Homeopathic pain management remedies can effectively treat many pain syndromes, including tissue inflammation, physical injury and nerve pain.
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