Healthy Eating During Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be the most challenging time of year to stick to a diet, lose weight or maintain healthy eating habits.
Balance between overindulgence and deprivation during the holidays with these tips:
• Have a light snack before heading to holiday parties. Arriving hungry often results in overeating, and consuming foods that are high in saturated fat and calories.
• Offer to bring a healthy choice dish when attending a party to ensure that you have some healthy food options.
• Situate yourself far from the food table. Close proximity to food makes it more difficult to resist.
• Using a small plate is a great way to avoid overeating at holiday events.
• Serve big holiday meals buffet style. Getting up for seconds helps prevent overeating that can occur if the food is within arms reach.
• Eat once, not all night. Picking at the food table all night can quickly add up calories, and you are more likely to eat less healthy finger foods.
• Focus on conversation or activities rather than on food.
• Making leftovers into soup is a better option then the usual week’s worth of turkey sandwiches.
“The holiday season is a difficult time to control eating,” says Julie Redfern, RD, manager of the Nutrition Consult Services at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “Be more realistic by trying to maintain your weight, rather than lose weight during the holidays.”
Acupuncture & Massage College’s Community Clinic offers acupuncture treatment for weight loss and weight management. To schedule an appointment call (305) 595-9500. For information about AMC’s Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy programs ask for Joe Calareso, Admissions Director. Dec.22.

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