Eat More And Weight Less!

Posted November 15, 2006 by Acupuncture & Massage College & filed under Food & Nutrition

Eat more and weight less!

How would you like to eat more and lose weight? That sounds more like science fiction than nutrition advice. Yet it has been reported that some people can actually eat more and gain less weight by eating the proper foods. What are these so called proper food?

Scientist have designated some foods as being calorie dense and other as being low in calorie density. The foods that are calorie dense are food that you should avoid if you want to eat and lose weight, while the foods that are low calorie dense can be eaten as much as you want. Sound easy? Let us take a look at some of this food that we can eat and lose weight, and the foods that we may need to avoid.

The foods that we need to be mindful of that are calorie dense are chips, cookies, pretzels and crackers. These foods tend to be low in moisture and some also may be high in trans fat. The proper foods to concentrate on are foods that are water-rich foods. This includes vegetables, fruits and soups. Adding a hearty salad to our meals or consuming a bowl of soup before the meal may be the best thing that we may want to do.

We may want to look at the benefits of a vegetarian diet. I remember the old saying that after a meal at the Chinese restaurant first you’d be full to the gut then after an hour you’d be hungry. Why? The meal was 90% vegetables and 10% meat. Another fact to consider is the avoidance of fats. A low-density meal is the ultimate value meal. Remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetable and avoid the commercial snack foods.

"Written by Rev. Dr. Richard Browne"

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