Earth Acupuncture

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Similar to the acupuncture techniques used to regulate imbalances of energy in the meridians of the human body, earth acupuncture, (geopuncture) techniques work to balance the earth's energies. Earth energy lines can have a detrimental effect on an individual's health, when they lie beneath home or workspace.

Earth acupuncture conceptualizes the planet as a place of interconnecting energy lines. These energy lines form a grid, or energy network, that comprises the earth's Qi. When earth energy becomes blocked or stagnated, or a physical space experiences a traumatic event, these energies can produce negative effects in the health of individuals, through interaction with the energy fields of humans.

Earth acupuncture treats these energy lines, which correlate with underground streams, burial sites, ritual grounds, battlegrounds, execution sites, earthquake fault lines, underground caves, harmful mineral deposits, toxic chemicals, poisons, radiation, and electro-magnetic fields.

Earth energy lines, which are located through dowsing, create a physical space with negative energy. These negative energy areas can encompass as small a space as a single room to as large a space as an entire building or plot of land.

These energy lines are a primary cause of individuals experiencing geopathic stress, or bodily imbalance or illness due to close proximity to these harmful energies radiating from the earth.

Geopathic stress-related illnesses and disorders include immune deficiency disorders, cancer, cardiovascular deficiency, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorder, headaches, chronic body pains, insomnia, and chronic asthma.

A Feng Shui specialist often administers earth acupuncture. Consultations are often scheduled when there are areas of the home, or garden or workspace that either create an unpleasant feeling, or seem cluttered, or appear dark although having sufficient lighting.

The earth acupuncture consultation begins with discussion of any health disturbances the individual is experiencing. The earth acupuncture practitioner then dowses to locate any existing energy lines. The space will be checked for levels of electric, magnetic and radioactive fields.

Any existing energy lines will be treated in a method similar to traditional acupuncture. In place of the fine metal needles used in acupuncture therapy, earth acupuncture practitioners utilize copper rods, which are inserted at points bisecting the energy lines, directly into the floor or into the earth of the physical space.

These copper rods serve to block the energy from flowing through the line, causing it to dome over the physical space and neutralizing its negative effect.

Benefits of earth acupuncture treatment include greater productivity, better health and vitality, enhanced creativity, reduction of stress and tension, improved communications, and a sense of greater harmony with nature.

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