Depression + Hostility = Heartbreaking Combination

Posted February 12, 2008 by Acupuncture & Massage College & filed under Health & Fitness

Think depression means only having the blues? Think again.

Researchers say depression often involves rage and hostility and that combination spells big trouble for people who have heart disease said a study published in the February-March 2008 issue of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Emotional issues have long taken their toll on general health, but now studies have pinpointed the way they interact to wreak the ultimate havoc in your heart.

Depression and Hostility elevate inflammatory proteins in the human body, and the combination of hostility plus depression appears to be as dangerous a risk factor for heart disease as smoking.

But national studies show the increasing popularity as a valid way to combat depression in complementary medicine. In fact, some types of massage therapy are a vital component in individual health regimens because they stimulate the body’s Chi s the body can heal itself.

Proven health benefits in massage therapy also include a decrease in pain, stress and anxiety. A qualified expert can manipulate tissue to better flexibility, posture, circulation and athletic performance.

According to the report, there have always been mental health reasons to treat depression and hostility. But now the link to cardiovascular diseases makes it more urgent.

If you are suffering from depression, make an appointment with a licensed massage therapist at Acupuncture & Massage College at 305.595.9500 or to become one, visit

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