Chinese Medical Cupping Therapy

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Chinese medical cupping is recommended particularly for cases of bronchial congestion and chronic ailments such as arthritis and bronchitis. Chinese medical cupping can also effectively treat a multitude of conditions, including asthma, aches and pains, sprains, swellings, low back pain, headache, and can enhance localized circulation. Individuals experiencing congestion or chronic pain often notice an immediate difference after Chinese medical cupping treatment.

Chinese medical cupping is a technique in which glass cups are heated from the inside to create a vacuum and then placed on the afflicted area of the body. The vacuum of Chinese medical cupping reduces swelling, warms the qi, draws out toxins, and reduces blood stagnation by drawing the underlying tissue up into the jar, forming an area of blood stasis. In some cases, Chinese medical cupping may combine fixed position cupping with a technique called gliding cupping in which the cups may be moved to other acupoint locations along different energy channels during a treatment session.
Acupuncture physicians may utilize Chinese medical cupping in addition to acupuncture when acute or chronic deep tissue pain affects certain regions of the body. The heated cups of traditional Chinese medical cupping simulate the moxibustion therapy often applied during acupuncture and are left on the body for up to 15 minutes. By causing tissues to release toxins, Chinese medical cupping clears energy blockages and activates the lymphatic system. Chinese medical cupping often follows the acupoint selection pattern used in acupuncture therapy; back points in fleshy areas of the body are preferred sites.
Chinese medical cupping increases blood flow into the cupping area which allows the body region to heal more quickly. Chinese medical cupping also opens the lungs and draws toxins out of them towards the skin surface to facilitate improved breathing. When combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medical cupping can accelerate the healing process and improve health.
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