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5 Steps to Changing Careers at 40

Posted August 20, 2015 by Morena McNally, Career Services Director & filed under Careers

Forty is a significant milestone in people’s lives. At 40, people report having greater clarity about their strengths and likes and dislikes, along with revitalized energy to pursue long-held ambitions. At 40, people’s children may be older, giving them more time to dedicate to themselves and their own professions. And at 40, people may find themselves closer to retirement, and feeling an urgency to take steps to increase their income. … Read More

3 Flexible Jobs Perfect for You

For women in their 30s and 40s, a keyword in any job search is flexibility. The demand for flexible positions is growing as women realize it’s the key to work/life balance, excelling in their chosen careers, and being there for their children, aging parents, families, and communities. Flexibility is no longer a dream perk that’s difficult to attain. It’s a realistic work expectation in more and more fields, and it is empowering women to make room in their lives for all the things they find important. … Read More

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