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January 2017 Events

Posted January 05, 2017 by Carmen Bailey, Administrative Coordinator & filed under News & Events

Monday, January 16, 2017: Meditation Day at AMC at 11:00am and 8:00pm in each classroom. Join us for Mediation Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a sign of unity and to represent values of peace, justice and love. … Read More

10 Ways Massage Therapy Makes You Feel Better 

Relax. Unwind. Get a massage. Indeed, it is common to hear this advice from friends, family, and even doctors. Often these suggestions indicate, however, that a massage is a “luxury” that one should “treat” themselves to -- An indulgence like a day at the spa, or something one must ask for in the form of a gift certificate, redeemed only on special occasions. … Read More

What are Massage Classes Like?

When considering going to a school, there are so many questions you'll be asking that you're bound to overlook, or forget, a few. One question you should be asking people you meet at that school is what the classes are actually like. Most of the time we're so focused on the financial and logistical aspects of school that we forget the day to day items. Considering a majority of your time on campus will be spent in classes, it's a good idea to get a feel for what they'll be like. … Read More

Best Jobs for Veterans in Alternative Medicine

Posted September 22, 2015 by Carmen Bailey, Administrative Coordinator & filed under Careers

Since we’ve already covered what veterans should be thinking about once they leave the service, let’s discuss the potential careers they could have if they chose to go into alternative medicine. In the previous blog post we discussed the reasons why veterans are actually quite a good fit for a career in alternative medicine. Once a veteran has graduated from their school of choice, they’re faced with challenges like every other graduate, however being they have a set of skills so unique, they also have many advantages. … Read More

What Career Choices do Veterans Have After Service?

Posted September 07, 2015 by Carmen Bailey, Administrative Coordinator & filed under Careers, Education & Research

Coming home from a stint in the military can be an overwhelming experience for many veterans. They’re faced with a million questions and problems that they often don’t have the solutions to. One of the biggest they face is what should they do for a career now that their service is over? All too often, particularly in generations past, veterans were left to flounder on their own in the job market. Luckily those days are largely behind us and veterans coming home have a bevy of career options ahead of them. … Read More

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