Ask Admissions: How Do I Enroll in Massage School?

Posted December 23, 2015 by Joe Calareso, Director of Admissions & filed under Massage Therapy School

enroll_in_massage_schoolWhen people decide to go to massage school, they often know already that they want to help people and pursue a rewarding career. But all new and prospective students generally have questions about how exactly to get started. The following are answers to the most common inquiries we receive when people are looking to enroll at AMC.

Q: I have a family and a job. How can I go back to school?

A: Most of our students have jobs, families, or both. Based on this, our program is tailored for adult learners, and our class schedule is very flexible. Classes take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with identical morning sessions from 9 am to 1 pm, and night sessions from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Students may attend all morning classes, all evening classes, or a combination of both, depending on their individual schedules.

At AMC, we also use a modular system, in which students take only one class at a time. Students take one class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for five weeks. They then take a second class, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for the next five weeks, and so on consecutively. Unlike in traditional settings in which classes run simultaneously, students never have to “juggle” taking two or three classes in the same time period, while trying to maintain their personal and professional lives.

Q: I am looking at multiple massage schools for my massage therapy education. What should I be looking for and why?

A: It’s important to compare flexibility of class schedules, especially if you are working and have family responsibilities. Many acupuncture schools use a traditional class schedule, in which classes meet once or twice a week at specific times, and students are required to take three to four classes in the same semester. This can make attending massage school nearly impossible for working adults.

You’ll also want to ensure the school is accredited and that you will graduate with the skills and certification needed to practice in the state you wish to practice.

Q: What’s the first thing I need to do to enroll? And how long does the enrollment process take?

A: The first step to enrolling in massage school is to request a catalog. After reviewing the catalog, you should then schedule a school visit to tour our class and clinic facilities and meet with both students and instructors.

If AMC seems like a good fit, then you would proceed with the application process. The entire process, including applying for financial aid, can be completed in about two weeks.

Q: How important is it to tour the school?

A: Massage school at AMC is a three-year program, so it’s important to make sure it’s the right “fit.” In addition, every school has a different feel to it.

Through a tour of AMC, you’ll be able to observe a few classes, and meet with the instructors and current students, who can tell you first hand what massage school is like. Experiencing the school up close and in person like this will give you an accurate picture of what to expect.

At AMC we are always happy to answer any questions that new or prospective students have about enrolling in massage school and attending AMC. We are also happy to facilitate tours and assist with the application process.

To browse class descriptions and get more information on tuition and fees, download a course catalog here.


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