Acupuncture For Fibromyalgia

Music therapy combined with other relaxation techniques based on guided imagery significantly reduces pain, depression and anxiety, and improves sleep among patients suffering from fibromyalgia, according to University of Granada researchers. Acupuncture can be an effective therapy for symptom management of fibromyalgia.
The researchers applied a relaxation technique based on music therapy and guided imagery to patients in a series of sessions. Patients were given a CD to listen to at home. Then, a number of variables associated with the main symptoms of fibromyalgia were measured—pain intensity, quality of life, impact of the condition on daily life, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, self-efficacy, and well-being. Afterwards, patients were allowed to participate in their treatment.
Findings indicate that music therapy and guided imagery are significant in the symptomatic treatment of this condition. The low cost, easy implementation and the fact that patients can get involved in their treatment at home are some of the many advantages. These two techniques also enhance the well-being and personal power of patients with fibromyalgia.
In addition to music therapy and guided imagery, acupuncture can aid in the treatment of fibromyalgia. The National Institutes of Health has issued a statement concluding that acupuncture may be helpful as an adjunctive therapy for fibromyalgia.
Benefits of acupuncture:
• Treats muscle pain.
• Regulates sleep disorders.
• Reduces stress.
• Minimizes fatigue.
Traditional Chinese medicine views fibromyalgia as a condition caused by body imbalances, poor nutrition, sleep disorders, excess strain, and mental and emotional stress. Your acupuncture physician will complete a full assessment to determine which imbalances are at the root cause of your fibromyalgia.

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