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Massage and Bodywork Links and Resources

Massage and bodywork:

  • Body Sense Magazine
  • Massage, bodywork and healthy living magazine.

  • Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies
  • Published four times a year, the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies brings the latest therapeutic techniques and current professional debate. Publishing highly illustrated articles on a wide range of subjects; this journal is relevant to everyday clinical practice in private, community and primary health care settings.

  • Massage and Bodywork Magazine
  • The official website for Massage & Bodywork magazine, a bimonthly journal for a national audience of massage, bodywork and somatic professionals. Each issue offers in-depth articles on subjects important to the practicing professional and the layperson. The latest research, historical perspectives, bodywork techniques, business information, professional trends, and a variety of regularly featured columns keep Massage & Bodywork readers in touch with their work, their clients and their health.

  • Massage and Bodywork Resource Center
  • Massage therapy information including schools, supplies, techniques, laws, and associations. It also has a massage therapist directory and a discussion forum.

  • Massage Magazine
  • Excellent magazine covering different areas of massage therapy. Good source for bodywork-related news. Also contains a section for students.

  • MassageTherapy.com
  • Learn about massage; find information about education and schools. Find a professional massage therapist. Also contains a media center.

  • Massage Therapy Guide
  • Information on massage therapy and various techniques, including: Body, deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, therapeutic, and sports massage. Information on different oils, lotions and equipment.

  • Massage Today
  • A magazine about massage and related health topics. Find a massage therapist. Ask a massage therapist.