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Massage Therapy Program

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In 1987, AMC established a six-month Massage Therapy training program. This course was originally designed for our Acupuncture students. It enabled them, in just a few short months, to earn a living practicing Shiatsu, while completing their Acupuncture studies.

In 1988, we expanded our program to a seven month massage therapy program, welcoming all qualified students who want to become Massage Therapists. We are specifically designed for those who wish to specialize in Shiatsu. For more details, see the Massage Therapy Program's course descriptions.

In January of 2000 our Massage Therapy Program underwent a major curriculum change. Now we can boast that over 80 percent of our bodywork classes teach a form of Oriental Bodywork. We follow the Shiatsu system of Professor Tomiezo Hoshino.

In August of 2007, we lengthened the Massage Therapy program to 720 hours. This enabled us to expand our clinic training and ensure that our graduates receive extensive practical experience.

The Massage Therapy Program enrolls new students on a monthly basis, contact our Admissions Director to find out when the next enrollment date is!

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Massage Therapy Program Curriculum

   STL-110   State Law    10
   HIV-110   HIV/ AIDS Education    4.5
   PMT-110   Practice Management    18
   MER-110   Medical Errors    2
   MCP-110   Massage Clinical Practice    164
   ETH-110   Ethics    4.5
   MCR-110   Massage Comprehensive Review    16
   MUS-110   Musculoskeletal Anatomy    80
   SH2-110   Shiatsu 2 & Qi Kung    90
   ANP-110   Anatomy & Physiology    90
   SMM-110   Swedish & Medical Massage    70
   PAT-110   Pathology    63
   HYT-110   Hydrotherapy    18
   SH1-110   Shiatsu 1 & Qi Kung    90
  TOTAL     720

Massage therapy training requires students to complete a 164-hour rotation at AMC's Community Clinic before receiving their diploma.

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